Welcome to Archers MC68459b56ceaa672300861199740345a802756674.png

We are a custom server with a brand new style of gameplay similar

to that of which you would find in games like Archero or Arrows.io

We have many unique features such as our custom leveling system with TONS of different upgrade paths, and 1,000,000+ different leveling combinations


Current Upgrades (Updated Frequently):

- Damage [Increases the damage your bow deals on each hit, for each upgrade level]

- Poisoned Arrows [Poisons the target for 2.5 seconds, amplifier increasing with upgrade level]

- Withering Arrows [Gives the target the wither effect for 5 seconds * (upgrade level)]

- Holy Arrows [Cleanses you of harmful effects on a successful hit]

- Vampiric Arrows [Gain 1 * (upgrade level) HP on a hit]

- Frozen Arrows [Freezes the target for 5 seconds * (upgrade level)]

- Flaming Arrows  [Sets the target on fire for 5 seconds * (upgrade level)]

- Multi Shot [Shoots +1 arrows * (upgrade level) per shot when the bow is fully drawn]

- Barrage [Shoots +1 shots * (upgrade level) when the bow is fully drawn]

- Insured [Bow doesn't lose a level on death, instead loses 1 level of insured]

Along with our leveling we offer a diverse variety of weapons from our crates (along with other items).


Current Bows (Updated Frequently):

- Default Bow [Obtained from joining the game; No Skills]

- Holy Bow [Available in Common, Rare and, Legendary crates; Never Breaks]

- Dragon Bow [Available in Rare, and Legendary crates; Never runs out of arrows]

- Faithful Bow [Available in Legendary Crates; Never loses levels on death]

- Long Bow [Available in Common, Rare and, Legendary crates; starts with Damage 2 upgrade]

We hope you are satisfied with our service and please email

griffdragon7@gmail.com with any questions!